About Marc Servadio


A brief overview of Marc Servadio

Marc Servadio started off working in the Architectural/building industry as a CAD Operator / Drafter. He started off working for a Electrical Engineer as a CAD Operator/Drafter, then wanted to learn more about how a building was put together, so he took a job with a Architectural firm in Fresno where he enjoyed the design aspect. 5 years later, he was offered a CAD Operator/Drafter position with a commercial/industrial land developer. He enjoyed the hands on activities that this position entailed. He oversaw 30 different projects at any given time; he would take the project from a simple hand drawn sketch and quickly turned it in to a working set of drawings. Marc was well known at the City of Fresno building department. He wouldn't take NO for an answer when he knew there was a way to make it work. Marc also created selling sheets for their commercial/industrial buildings, as well as all of their signage.

Once the real estate boom came to an end, Marc's position was eliminated. Soon after, he obtained a scholarship and started attending Institute of Technology for their web and graphic design program. There he earned Dean's List the entire time he was enrolled. He was a dedicated and enthusiastic learner; he did extensive research on current and past well-known designers. He knows in order to succeed in this industry you need to be a dedicated and well disciplined.

Once he completed school, he took a job at a sign shop as a graphic designer. He was a quick learner and was introduced to the production side of the business. He wore a few hats in the company, both a graphic designer / production manager as well as managing the books. He learned what profit and loss was and how to maximize production to make moderate profit gains.

He was offered a position with Maxco Packaging in October of 2013. He currently holds the role of graphic designer as well as a structural designer. He is a great tool for the sales force to use to gain profitable accounts. Marc is now learning what it takes to be a productive designer and knowing the appropriate ways to layout artwork for Flexo print jobs. He believes in setting goals each day and achieving them!

A side note

He prides himself on being an easy individual to work with. He is fanatical about communication with his clients because he knows how it feels to be kept out of the loop. Marc is easily accessible and willing to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

He owes it all to his family, seriously.